emily larned sewing envelopes into books on her porch, july 7 2012, ilssa festival to plead for skills
Observing ILSSA's Festival to Plead for Skills, July 7, 2012. photo by ILSSA Co-Operator Bridget Elmer

Emily Larned is an artist, writer, designer, educator, and letterpress printer-publisher. She makes publications, most often by hand, and organizes collaborative projects that, in some small way, seek to improve the quality of life. Recent work includes Impractical Labor (ILSSA), a member-organization-as-socially-engaged-art / publishing-project, and Pleasure Beach Lives, a public park reclamation project in Bridgeport.

Emily's artist books and publications are collected by over 60 institutions internationally, including the Tate, the Walker, the V&A, and the Smithsonian.

Her writing has been published in Temporary Services' ArtWork, The Highlights, and KnitKnit, and her self-published artist's book Thrift Store was re-published as a trade edition by Ig Publishing. Her work has been featured in venues as diverse as Vogue Living, Best Zine Ever, The Fader, and Bad at Sports, and has been included in exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and the Getty as well as artist-access spaces around the world. Recent exhibitions include ILSSA It's About Time at Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO); ILSSA Working Group at The Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design (Hendersonville, NC) and ILSSA Every Day Work at St Mary's College (South Bend, IN).

Emily has been self-publishing for over 20 years, since 1993 when she produced her first issue of Muffin Bones zine. She has curated several exhibitions of independent publishing; taught at every level from after-school program through MFA; and has lectured widely, including at UPenn, Columbia University, Smith College, and Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.

She learned letterpress printing from noted book artist/printer-publisher Robin Price. After graduating from Wesleyan University, Emily was an active artist member of Booklyn Artists Alliance, helping to shape the education department, and serving on the board of directors for eight years, including five as Vice President and one as President. In 2008 she earned her MFA in Graphic Design at Yale School of Art. Emily Larned is currently Chair and Associate Professor of Graphic Design at SASD (Shintaro Akatsu School of Design), University of Bridgeport.

Her studio is located in the American Fabrics Arts Building in Bridgeport CT, and she lives with her husband and their cat in nearby Lordship.