Parfait 3 Zine

Do you like zines, amazing outfits, out-of-print books, drawings, 1960s IQ Tests, animals, libraries, and lists? You do?! Then it is highly probable you will similarly enjoy my zine Parfait! Parfait: everything good. Barfait, its flipside: all things (well, a few anyway) hateful. This is what Barnard's zine librarian has to say about it. Thanks Jenna!

Parfait 3 comes in 4 flavors: peach, cream, mint, and ice. Letterpress printed cover, photocopied interior, each copy lovingly handsewn.

2007 | 5.5 x 4.25 inches | 80 pages | edition 300 | $5 in the shop
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parfait 3 cover, showing barfait toospread from parfait 3spread from parfait 3spread from parfait 3spread from from parfait 3 barfaitspread from from parfait 3 barfait
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